Thursday, September 6, 2012

Participating Stores

Stores that are VERIFIED! have passed our walk-through and for sure have the hunt prim, and prize hidden somewhere.  If the store is not VERIFIED! and has a    that means that most likely, it's not ready for the hunt. But there is a chance they are now ready, so hunt there at your own risk.  We make every effort to make sure the stores are ready, and have VERIFIED! the ones that are for your convenience. Please click the store name for the direct Surl! You can also obtain an "All Locations Notecard" from the starting point at Nocturnal Needs and from the group Nocturnal Hunts. 

1. Nocturnal Needs: There's a different kind of education offered at the abandoned Warehouse. VERIFIED!

2. Bound & Bitten: Shoes!  VERIFIED!

3. xKorruptedx: I Go Up. VERIFIED!


5. ROYAL THAI GALLERY: To study I need a desk. It's in my manor, but which desk should I work at?  I have a choice of 3.  I bet you can find it without a lot of effort. VERIFIED!
**CAUTION NOTE (From the Designer): We use a gift giver script that allows only one prize for any unique avatar,  alts are excluded too :)  Just left or right click the pencil and the prize will go into your inventory... unless you find a decoy ~~~ **

6. $10 Shapes: Can't the school afford to pay the electric bill? VERIFIED!

7. .:FallenDreams Inc:.: Where Water Falls VERIFIED!

8. Grumble: This STORE is huge!  VERIFIED!

9. Dot-BE Fashion: U will find your prize between the Belgium goodies and a Belgium monument. VERIFIED!

10. bacidalucia village: Don't rush into the gorean world before class, you might forget your pencil upstairs... VERIFIED!

11. IB-Designs: Just me and and the dust bunnys in this corner.... VERIFIED!

12. ChiNekoWork your way up and you shall be rewarded. VERIFIED!

13. factorie couture: nooks, crannys and crevices are an excellent place for me to loose my pencil, better get my shoes on before im late. VERIFIED!

14.  .::KD::.Karamelis Designs: I love to Read a good Book.

15. Club Staff University: One of these a day can keep the doctor away...oh, and make you the Teachers Pet, too! VERIFIED!

16. Nekolicious: Do you have any advice for me? VERIFIED!

17.:Pixel Snobs: This bad girl always sits in the BACK of the classroom.

18. Eat My Prims: From A to Z and Z to A, you will find me. VERIFIED!

19. Rockoil: I need new boomers for school ! VERIFIED!

20. .:: Secret's ::.: look in front but don´t lift your head up VERIFIED!

21. Egoxentrikax: "beautiful jessica" VERIFIED!

22. Ziva's Underground Footware: The fastest way to school is the Orient Express. VERIFIED!

23. Suki's Silken Fashions: Even the Goddess of Love could teach us a thing or two. VERIFIED!

24. Destiny's Designs: Sometimes learning digitally is the best course. VERIFIED!


Monday, August 20, 2012

Nocturnal Hunts Presents: School Daze Hunt.  Sept 7 - 28 2012!

This theme is the back to school! 

Join the group: COPY THIS IN LOCAL CHAT: secondlife:///app/group/a87bffbc-9ec8-7d7f-93d8-0934e49fa257/about

Here are SOME items that will be in this hunt!

If you have questions, comments, or concerns, please contact Rosen Diavolo, Christine Fearne, or Mai Taurus. 

Thank you!